Hi, I’m Mazhar Muhammed, a digital marketing executive and SEO service provider in Riyadh.

Every digital marketing campaign needs to be prepared the campaign plan before it started. You can blindly start a campaign as well, but it will not work well for you in all cases.

Recently our digital marketing agency in Riyadh got a new project from one of the leading rent a car service providers in the kingdom. They need landing page campaign.

Difficulty in this campaign

There are multiple difficulties to doing this campaign. Usually, people who travel in between the kingdom will prefer the rental car services. Most of the competitors of our client is targeting them.

So, if I target them, the bidding will be very high. However, we have to target them as well as the audience of their competitors.


I prepared a plan for three different campaigns. In the first campaign, I’ll target the people who are in our customer’s persona.

The second campaign is a bit high interested. I analyzed their competitors’ social media and realized that there are a few problems are facing their customers. I just created a list of their probelms and created a creatives that speking the solution of the problems currently their customers facing.

The second plan is really appreciated by the client and I just recommend them to do search engine optimization for a long period from a best SEO agency in Riyadh.

The third plan is to focus on general people with a brand awareness campaign and then re-target the engaged audience from the campaign. In this plan, there is one more re-targeting campaign that is to focus on the audience who visited the landing page and have not taken any action.

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